F. Chris Curran, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the UMBC School of Public Policy.  He is currently the primary track adviser for the School’s Education Policy track.  His research focuses on educational  policy issues such as school discipline, early childhood education, and teacher labor markets.  He teaches courses in research methodology, educational evaluation, and the social context of education.  More information on his work can be found at www.fchriscurran.com

Ann T.  Kellogg is a Graduate Research Assistant at the UMBC School of Public Policy where she is pursuing a PhD in Public Policy.  She has experience within the postsecondary education sector in the areas of academic operations, accreditation, and regulatory compliance.  Her research interests include federal and state postsecondary education policy related to performance funding, college access and affordability, and state longitudinal data systems.

The UMBC School of Public Policy offers MPP and PhD degrees in public policy with focuses in education policy, health policy, urban policy, public management, evaluation and analytic methods, among others.  To learn more about the UMBC School of Public Policy, please visit http://publicpolicy.umbc.edu/